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Learn about - Product knowledge, Nail tech terminology, Application techniques (such as nail prep, applying tips , shaping, building nail structure, E-filing, finishing the nail, backfilling, refills, removals, filling foreign work), Nail art design (such as applying complete colour , French tips, stripping tape, decals, gem work, glitters), Disinfection , Troubleshooting

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NAILGOD DIY at-home Poly Gel E-learning nail enhancement course. This course will show you from start to finish how to get the perfect gel extensions from the comfort of your own home! In this NAILGOD E-learning program you will learn to effectively apply tips and gel overlay, cut, file, buff and apply and cure gel polish!

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Our bio gel course covers application, shaping, product knowledge, terminology, troubleshooting, ombré, nail design and fills + removal. Followed by a 1 hour business building seminar by @lashgodraq catering to your new nail business. All nail training comes with a NAILGOD Pro kit and encyclopedia.