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This Masterclass includes your custom LASHGOD kit. Immerse yourself in this course and learn the techniques that have garnered LASHGOD the leading technician and instructor in North America.


Our Core Mega Volume Technique Course introduces the fundamentals of mega volume and layering techniques. Learn fanning, placement and healthy stacking. This course is recommended for certified technicians looking to elevate the quality of their work.


Our Russian Volume Course will teach you to expertly craft Russian volume fans in a variety of different techniques, you will learn how to perfectly apply these fans to the natural lash. Update your skill set with the highest quality, lightweight, damage free techniques available on the market.


THE STRIP LASH LOOK : Hollywood’s most coveted look made simple in our advanced strip lash texture and styling course! Learn to perfectly imitate your clients favourite strip lash styles and get comfortable creating your own unique lash mapping styles. Learn multiple spiked fanning methods combined with directional placement. This course will step your lash game up to the next level.


Learn the most efficient, damage-free infilling and complete removal techniques. Refilling can take just as long as a full set. Learn how to remove stubborn grown outs and work more efficiently. Spend time where it counts, on the application of your sets. In this class you’ll learn refill methods and our foolproof eye-safe complete removal system!



LASHGOD™ presents our interactive virtual business fundamentals pro course. Take your ideas, hobby or existing small business and turn it into a media/customer service-based empire. In this course you will learn how to: Effectively build a global brand from the ground up | Transition directly into an e-commerce platform | Financial planning | Growth strategies | Consumer retention | Daily exercise and rituals to keep you motivated and on track | Build long-term success…and so much more!



The ultimate blueprint to becoming a LASHGOD™. Get training from North America’s top technician, using the most innovative lash techniques and skills along with Insider Business Building 101. In this course you will learn 12 advanced fanning techniques and 5 isolation methods including our most coveted styles: Everlasting Classics | The Strip Lash Look |Russian Volume |Mega volume | Advanced Facial Styling |Accelerated Mapping | Refilling |Identifying Hair Growth Phases for Damaged Free Lash Art | Coloured Lashes | Men’s lashes | Brown Natural Lashes | Our Newly Added Bottom Lashes



Our extremely detailed vacuum therapy training is completely safe and non-invasive. This treatment is used for lymphatic drainage, effectively breaking down stubborn cellulite, and repositioning the fat to the desired area. All of the health benefits associated with this machine + amazing, motivating training will have you passionate about the service when you begin to see the results, instant client satisfaction and Loads of added health benefits. In this program you will learn to apply large suction and vibration cups to the breasts, but, biceps, face; Cheeks, Jaw line , forehead. You will learn to up-sell services with your machine such as face and body Microdermabrasion and newly trending booty + body facials. 




This mini course enables students to learn how to safely and comfortably apply bottom lashes in classic, hybrid and volume. Learn the art of lashing a full lower set comfortably in the correct length and diameter for delicate bottom lashes. Learn bottom fanning and different methods for placement. Dive into the artistry of new techniques and expand your skill set.



Enjoy our cutting-edge L curl application and technique class. Learn the art of L curl, how to style and gain overall even facial symmetry. Learn to create optional illusions making your clients fall in-love with your unique styling methods. Give your career the motivation and boost you need by elevating your skills and offering a new in demand style. L curl is an instant face lift and so flattering when applied properly. Enjoy complete application videos, mini technique tutorials and a complete theory breakdown. This class is the ultimate small commitment level up, enjoy your L curl micro certification upon completion.



Learn about LASHGOD’s™ original facial anatomy mapping and learn how to make your clients lashes symmetrical and beautiful. This course will enhance your understanding of the lash extensions, the science of lash growth, perfecting the lash line and everything aspiring master technicians and trainers need to know. Elevate you and separate you amongst all other artists!



LASHGOD™ Refresher 101 course is available to all LASHGOD™ graduates and all technicians looking to level up their lash game by learning the LASHGOD™ methods in one quick efficient course. After taking any full-size LASHGOD™ course you are entitled to a lifetime membership to LASHGOD™, including free refresher courses that are updated online quarterly and available in person! This course will update you on everything you need to know about new lash innovation and features the most vital information from our global training which we have gathered on tour and from our exclusive clinical trials. If you’re looking to perfect your craft and learn all the most important technical components to executing perfect Lash Extensions, this is the course for you!

Hairgod Masterclass

Enjoy our in-depth Hair Masterclass taught by our highly sought-after Master Red Seal Hairdresser HAIRGOD Britt. She comes with over 8 years of industry experience and over 18,000 practical hours preformed. This course will enable you to learn hair health, mapping, sectioning, even clean parting, tape and fusion installation, fusion and tape re-bonding, removals and reinstalls. We wanted to spice up this amazing course for you by also adding texturizing, blending, and simple finishing styles. Learn to price, market and brand your hair services in a multibillion-dollar industry! The combined HAIRGOD x LASHGOD makes this course state of the art, easy to understand, motivational and accelerated for your success. **Course Valid for 60 days from purchase

Lash Tech Trainer Certification

LASHGOD™ presents our state-of-the-art trainer certification course. This course features a collection of techniques developed over seven years of global research and hands-on industry experience. Included in this course will be your complete trainer accreditation program that teaches you how to host, prepare, execute, insure, monitor and safely deliver training, our full Masterclass and manual for your reference, this is an exclusive and limited offer. See how LASHGODRAQ™ teaches a Masterclass from start to finish, plus a bonus 20+ exclusive techniques from our highly coveted Advanced Artistry Volume Styling course.

Classic Lashing Mini Course

Go back in time and master the fundamentals of classics to elevate your lash game to new heights. Re-learn the art of advanced application and directional placement. This essentials course will change your classic and volume application and have you understanding the science of perfect placement. This course is a must-have for all advanced technicians and trainers. Years of trial and error bring to you the most accelerated application techniques for perfect root to tip placement and lasting sets that don’t fall off unless your client's natural lashes do! Enjoy a new era of Classic lashing. **Course expires 30 days from purchase

Pro Lash Lift & Tint

Add a new revenue stream to your business with this amazing, in-demand service. After completion of this course, you will be able to execute a perfect lash lift and tint while keeping the integrity and natural moisture of your clients lashes. Learn to effectively style lashes and give your clients an open-eye uplifted effect that lasts 6-8 weeks! Our hydrogen peroxide formula is approved in every country and give dramatic results without any damage. ** Course is available for 35 days post-purchase

Brow Lamination

Reach new clients and expand your business with the most in-demand, popular brow service available on the market. In this course, you will learn how to effectively lift and tint brows with results lasting from 4-8 weeks. This service will instantly make your client's brows twice as full, enhancing their overall facial symmetry and making them look instantly more beautiful. This instant gratification service will open you up to a completely new type of clientele. This service is simple to use, cost per service is less than $10 and will yield you 100% in returns! This course includes a multitude of tint colour for clients of any hair/skin colour. ** Course is available for 35 days post-purchase

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