Curematic is a revolutionary product used to prime and seal the lashes. When lash extension adhesive comes in contract with curematic it instantly polymerizes. This gives an instant dry that extends retention and stops fume irritation in its tracks. This product creates a protective barrier that locks in all fumes and sets the adhesive without shock curing and diminishing the longevity of the lash set. Curematic can be used with any adhesive and will help speed up the dry time of even the slowest beginner, sensitivity and clear adhesives.


Each bottle of curematic can service 250+ clients as one drop is enough to cure and neutralize both eyes. This new innovative product works with any humidity and temperature. When curematic hits the lash extension and adhesive its dehydrating properties instantly removes all humidity and excess water + space from the lashes and adhesive. This creates an air tight bond while adding extra elasticity from the aloe, then lashes and adhesive become flexible at the bonding point resulting in longer retention. The excess humidity usually found in the adhesive bond are no longer present, this is what usually causes irritation for clients and congestion for lash technicians. This revolutionary product quite literally makes lashes as safe and hypoallergenic as possible. 


How to use: 

1. apply CUREMATIC to a microswab or lip wand

2. Apply CUREMATIC to the natural lashes Natural lashes before starting your full set or refill. Use it as a primer to help the extension and adhesive dry from the inside out. Wait 60 seconds for lashes to dry completely before applying lashes 


3. Apply CUREMATIC to the base of the completed set of classic/hybrid or volume lash extensions after the entire set is complete to help the lash extensions dry from the outside in


     4. 🚨recommended: Apply to the natural lashes before applying any lashes for a full set or refill acing as a primer that will instantly dry the lashes and adhesive on contact