• Having retention issues? 
  • Sick of clients complaining about retention? 
  • Working in a hot climate or unfavourable humidity? 




INNOVATION, a vegan, cruelty-free, alcohol-free 


•WE HAVE  BEEN FORMULATING THIS PRODUCT FOR OVER 4 MONTHS dying to share it with everyone struggling with retention, looking for advice on how to make the lashes LAST to their full potential. From a master lash artist perspective, this solution has dramatically changed the lash game. Retention and consistency are what will keep your clients coming back. $25 per bottle & 250 applications per bottle. Limit stock online and in-store for this little magical serum that will have your sets everlasting  


•LASHGOD MAGNETIC 🧲 BOND significantly extends your retention by drying your adhesive instantly when the adhesive touches the natural lash, it speeds up the polymerization process leaving no room for retention error 


•A revolutionary product that instantly bonds and locks in your adhesive and increases retention by up to 40% 


1.APPLY: to the base of your last strips or 2. APPLY: directly to your clients' lashes as a primer substitute. 3:APPLY to a microfibre brush & wipe the bases of all bonded extensions when the set is complete

 2. SUPERBONDER acts as a primer that will not shock open the cuticle or dehydrate the lash of its natural moisture like traditional primers.


For professional use only. Pour usage professionnel seulement.