☁️ We call her “THE DAY DREAMER” . 

Writing is creation, plan your life and take action and you can create anything ✨ 

This book is hand made in India from 100% pure ethically sourced refurbished hard leather and 100% eco friendly recycled paper containing 7 natural chakra crystals 
13” long by 10” wide! Double clasped to keep your dreams safe 💭 This journal is made from quality canvas  paper, it acts as a binder and a book.  120 double sided jumbo sheets! There are five smaller books within a book, you can use each section as a chapter or write all the way through. 

My entire business was created from a notebook, ideas put on paper then put to action. When visiting LA last year I found an amazing little shop that retailed a magical book just like this, I purchased one and cherished it so deeply. Hundreds of “TO DO’s” , drawings, love letters & special artifacts were collected in that journal. Each journal in my opinion is worth a million dollars. You can never put a price on writing what’s in your mind, what you are thinking is instinct and creativity, you’re here to create. 

Each and every single lady I Mentour I always give a journal, my entire staff is gifted a notebook every major holiday and birthday. A creative place for you to draw, write your goals, talk about your day & plan is vital for anyone who wants to achieve noteworthy success 📈

You’re 42% more likely to achieve a goal if it’s written than if it’s simply just thought 💭 I am a living testimonial to that

👉🏻 pair with our hocus-pocus chakra chain tweezers for the ultimate Manifestation starter pack