NEW NEW ADHESIVE CUPS WITH AERODYNAMIC FAN SLOTS ALL AROUND THE PERIMETER. Dual adhesive storage on the inner flower!The fan gadget is a two one local adhesive storage ring with a built-in fast fanning method that give your perfect symmetrical fans with thin bases every time. This is a lash artist favourite for beginners and advanced artists. Perfect for training students and creating lash masterpieces daily.- 100 FAN GADGETS per bagOur 100% spill proof aerodynamic design allows lash techs that are afraid of glue rings to rest assured! You cannot spill these, you’ll use so much less adhesive with the micro cups that are divided into two! Waste less lashes, every single fan will blossom perfectly. We absolutely love this two in one adhesive holder + fan mechanism. Now made even better with baby pink, baby blue and white!

The Fan Gadget