Adhesive drop pallets create a concave surface to keep your adhesive from oxidizing, rather than replacing your glue dot every 15 to 20 minutes enjoy changing it every 40 minutes to an hour, the adhesive drop pallet allows master technicians to complete service without having to change their glue drop more than once!

The unique droplet shapes allow the same drop to be used without oxidization! Use less adhesive per service, preserve the product and bring your cost of service down by up to 50% by limiting the amount of adhesive used per service! Reusable and disposable!

Complete with a sticky pad on the reverse for a NO- movement adhesive palette! This product is amazing to make beautiful fans and mould them into the perfect shape off of the droplet's edges  if you like your adhesive on the marble tile or jade stone this is the transition you need to make Use 2x drops per service & dispose or reuse by cleaning with acetone & Q tips #LASHGOD